Posted in Blog on March 25, 2012

Sound Mixin’

Since I started dumping my comic into the Corona Comics SDK, it’s been very challenging. Despite Lua’s similarity to Actionscript, Ive come to find that there are a great many small moving parts to this SDK that I dont entirely understand, but slowly and surely Im learning. Ive ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on March 20, 2012

First Build!

Finally figured out how to shoehorn my comic into the Corona Comics SDK and onto my iPad. (Thanks Larry for all the help!) I still have a looooong way to go but its encouraging to have gotten this far. If you click on the attached image you can get an idea of how it works. When you double ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on March 3, 2012

My Comic Endeavors

So I decided I was going to have to shift off of my eBook project and turn back to my comic. MoCCA is at the end of April and Im sharing a table with someone. So much to do!!!! I sadly realized since time was limited I would not have time to finish it and get it printed, so I decided to ta ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on January 30, 2012

Sick em Cinnabark! – Character Art Edition

Since it’s been a challenge trying to keep up with my story since I started working full-time, I decided I try and least do a smaller drawing so I don’t get too soft. I was recently inspired to try and do a chibi style furry warrior,  so here he his.  I started with a ballpoi ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on January 10, 2012

Moving Right Along

Tadaaa! Its been awhile since my last post but Im still trucking.  I decided to take on the title card design first because I was excited to start up Demibooks Composer and see what I could do. Right now clicking on the boar on the left will take you to an info page which gives basic info ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on November 29, 2011

To code or WYSIWYG?

Ok so Thanksgiving is over and back to reality. I had to slow down on working on my ebook due to having to work on some small gigs I scored (YAY!)  Today I wanted to briefly explore some of the tools that exist to help non programmer types like myself. Both Moglue and uTales  offer the u ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on November 17, 2011

Main Character Concept Art

Here is my initial rendition of the main character of my project Princess Peccary. I drew this in the Procreate App using the Targus stylus. I plan on adding color after I get the line work down. Id like something that emulates the coat patterns of a real Peccary including the wiry looking ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on November 15, 2011

Enter the Logo

So I’ve been busy the last few days looking for work (and playing Skyrim!) so its been hard to give this project my full attention. I have just finished the 1st tentative logo design. The included image shows the progression of the design. 1st I sketched out a couple of logos on pape ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on November 10, 2011

Project Peccary thoughts – Why the iPad?

Or rather, why have I chosen to use the iPad itself as the main tool for production on this project? At this point, I already feel that the iPad will still be awhile before it can be seen as a truly stand alone prod tool. I mean it would be easier, faster and more efficient to use my tower ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on November 9, 2011


Morning! So today I am posting a sample of my wireframe/storyboard for this project. I made these using penultimate for the iPad. What I didnt like was that response and control with or without the stylus wasnt tight enough for me. But what I did like was that it allowed me to include loo ... Continue Reading