Sound Mixin’
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Since I started dumping my comic into the Corona Comics SDK, it’s been very challenging. Despite Lua’s similarity to Actionscript, Ive come to find that there are a great many small moving parts to this SDK that I dont entirely understand, but slowly and surely Im learning. Ive done several more builds since the first and each one is looking better and better. Most recently Ive started adding sound. For the most part, Ive been using royalty free sounds that I had on CD and a great many that I found online.

Typically I can just take a sound and run it through a little app called Switch that then converts it into an M4a format, which is the only format that the SDK will accept.  Sometimes I ran across sounds that needed to be smaller so I started editing them using Adobe Audition. What a fun program this is. Today I mixed down my first audio track using 4 other tracks that I found online. I wanted to Create an atmospheric track that sounded like footsteps echoing through a dungeon while strange sounds of whispering and bubbling (a cauldron perhaps?) could be heard in the background. It came out great!

Of course, because the SDK allows a person to utilize multiple audio tracks at one time, I didnt REALLY have to do this, but I figured it would cut down on file size/processing requirements for the iPad and besides it was a fun learning experience.

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