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So I’ve been busy the last few days looking for work (and playing Skyrim!) so its been hard to give this project my full attention. I have just finished the 1st tentative logo design. The included image shows the progression of the design. 1st I sketched out a couple of logos on paper and then picked one that I liked. The 2nd frame is what it looked like after I blocked in the logo on the iPad. It still feels less fluid to make tweaks on the iPad (compared to my desktop) so I had to go a bit more slowly and make sure that each addition was made on its own discreet layer…which is maybe how it should be all the time anyway :}

The 3rd image is the final product! I made Peccary out to look like a cactus-like font but Im still not sure how well it reads to other people.It would probably be good to start finding out ways I can do simple testing now.¬† The crown is for Her Majesty of course and I wanted ‘Princess’ to have a more dainty, hand drawn feel. Using a brush that had a fluffy texture behind ‘Princess’ pretty much capped it off. I drew this logo directly into the iPad using an app called Procreate. Its one of my favorite drawing apps now and I really enjoy using it quite a bit. It feels more intuitive than a lot of other apps Ive tried and I like the line quality when drawing with it. 2 things I have noticed though…the colors tend to get thrown off a bit when I look at art on my desktop. Also, when using the Scale tool on graphical objects on the iPad, they seem to degrade in quality more than they should and usually end up looking good but still not as crisp. Btw, I am using the Targus 2 in One Stylus for pretty much all line drawing at this point


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