Project Peccary thoughts – Why the iPad?
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Or rather, why have I chosen to use the iPad itself as the main tool for production on this project? At this point, I already feel that the iPad will still be awhile before it can be seen as a truly stand alone prod tool. I mean it would be easier, faster and more efficient to use my tower. In the end, I’ll still have to use the tower if I plan on cropping and cleaning up assets quickly and reliably, doing decent font editing and even handling sound editing….using the iPad in tandem with this only additional step in the prod process and takes more time.

But I have to admit…Im in LOVE with the idea of having a mobile platform like the iPad on which I can create art (concept, final art and simple frame by frame animation), wireframe, do the script,  and possibly even BUILD the app on if I end up going with Demibooks Composer. Im not sure what about it appeals to me so much..maybe the portability (I can take it pretty much anywhere but dont need a separate laptop bag). Maybe its the challenge that comes with working this way and the idea of being part new production style for ebook apps? Im not sure, both reasons get me excited about it.

More later.


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