Posted in Blog on November 8, 2011

An important Decision

Hello Blogworld, So yesterday I came to a decision.  I am temporarily halting production on my comic. I realized that if I really want to get work done in the field of ebook apps for kids , I was just going to have to try to make one myself and get it out there. I dont know if someone wil ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on August 30, 2011

Well that was fun…

Experimenting with more organic looking illustrative style with vectors. Here is Augie Doggy –Not of Doggy Daddy Fame Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on February 8, 2011


Ok so it was rly just ONE ant sheesh! But it hurt anyway. I was standing under a mango tree checking out this tiny, ball shaped woven bird’s next and BAM! I was so embarrassed by how high I jumped off the ground, I looked around after to make sure no one was watching. And if anyone ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on February 8, 2011

Baaaad Lady

While away on a trip I was super inspired by folk tales and scary stories from the West Indies. Ive been playing around with ideas for posting a selection of scary, Jumbie infested tales online…maybe furry style.  This is a sketch I made of an old with woman/goat, calling spirits u ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on February 8, 2011

Milling around.

While staying with family on the West Indian Island of St. Vincent, I became obsessed with the ruins of the old sugar mills that peppered the island. Learning about their history was intriguing (and horrible at times.) Still the shape of the mills inspired me to do some sketching. Here ar ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on November 21, 2010


Lately I’ve been interested in trying new things artistically speaking so here is hopefully one of many. Ive never felt comfortable placing characters in environments cause I always felt like my perspective sucked, so Im making myself practice now since I feel like its now or never. ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on November 19, 2010

Getting Back on Track

Im supposed to be working on a web comic right now but for the past 3 weeks I havent drawn a single thing until today. Not being employed fulltime has been freeing in a lot of ways but it’s taken me a minute to get other, more pressing affairs in order first. In the end I havent re ... Continue Reading

Posted in Blog on October 12, 2010

post Comic Con doodle.

Being at Comic Con (as a participant) was a great experience. At first, viewing the throngs of fellow artists milling about and setting up as I entered Javitts on Friday morning was really intimidating and I felt out of place. But being there and seeing how passionate people were about th ... Continue Reading