My Comic Endeavors
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So I decided I was going to have to shift off of my eBook project and turn back to my comic. MoCCA is at the end of April and Im sharing a table with someone. So much to do!!!! I sadly realized since time was limited I would not have time to finish it and get it printed, so I decided to take a different approach.

I decided that I would utilize the Corona Comics SDK and created a digital/swipable comic that would also allow users to tap on individual panels and zoom in. Also there wold be ambient sound effects for different panels too.  David Fox of Electric Eggplant was kind enough to create the SDK in Corona and make it freely available to anyone who wants to use it.

Im still learning how it works but so far its very interesting…and a little intimidating. In the img posted below Im showing how using Penultimate and my iPad, I can collect all the comic pages in one place and mark them up to get an idea of just how I want the camera to pan and zoom in on each panel.  Im also using it to clarify exactly where the speech bubble are going to go since I LOST the original script.

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