Moving Right Along
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Its been awhile since my last post but Im still trucking.  I decided to take on the title card design first because I was excited to start up Demibooks Composer and see what I could do. Right now clicking on the boar on the left will take you to an info page which gives basic info on who made the book (wink) and it also includes the definition of a Peccary.  If you click on Princess, one of her mischievous little brothers will pop out from behind her and other Boar Button is to mute sound, though there is none yet.  Ive already begun laying out the art for the first page and have even been able to have a cute animation or two.

Art takes a bit longer since im using another iPad App called Procreate to do it. This App only allows 16 layers to be in use at a time so it forces me to be kind of crafty as far as how I go about creating new characters and backgrounds. Im enjoying the challenge though. More later!

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